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Henry Milner & Company (Established 1978)
4 David Mews, London, W1U 6EQ
Authorised & Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (No 52316)

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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy


In UK: 027 831 9944





020 7831 9944


Confidentiality & Discretion

Although this firm is well known for the high profile and extremely serious cases we undertake, you will notice that the names of our clients – the famous, the infamous and the unknown - are conspicuous by their absence here; just as yours would be if you instructed our firm, regardless of the outcome.  We act in the way you as a client would want us to act: 'Confidentially and Discreetly'.

Chambers Law Directory
Henry Milner established this criminal defence boutique
more than 30 years ago and its
"strong reputation has lasted over the years”.

Chambers Law Directory
"Interviewees pointed to the firm's work in
"serious, organised and heavyweight financial crime"
and its "impressive client base" as strengths.


Chambers Law Directory
A "hard-hitting, never-give-in type" who
"remains the solicitor of choice"
for leading crime cases.

Just one example of the thank you letters we receive:
(and in this instance we got the case dropped
before the trial).

Curse of Brink's-Mat: 25 Years of Murder & Mayhem'

by Wensley Clarkson

Mr Milner didn't have a close relationship with any of his heavyweight clients, especially the so-called superstar gangsters. He said he'd never been out socializing with them apart from having the occasional sandwich at lunchtime. One retired blagger explained: 'Mr Milner's a real pro. A complete gent. He doesn't have to hang around with the likes of us to understand the criminal mind. The guy's bloody brilliant. If you've got him on side you're about fifty per cent more likely to walk out of court a free man. He's a tasty operator.'

Mr Milner prided himself on always having complete control of a case. That meant deciding which witnesses to call, influencing a counsel's closing speech and occasionally putting his foot down. He was also renowned for picking top barristers with a knack of winning

Mr Big in Criminal cases
Interview with
Henry Milner

'Mr Milner's a real pro. A complete gent. He doesn't have to hang around with the likes of us to understand the criminal mind.
The guy's bloody brilliant’.

From the definitive book about the notorious Brink’s-Mat affair

See full extract below

Book: The Curse of Brink’s-Mat

Dear Henry,

Thank you very much for getting the case against us dropped.If anyone could do it, you could.  The way you handled the whole case is a credit to how it should be done and we are forever in your debt.  Thank you once again from all 4 of us plus my family.

When things get tough - the tough get going! An amusing thank-you received.

From the book: The Curse of Brink’s-Mat

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