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Henry Milner & Company (Established 1978)
4 David Mews, London, W1U 6EQ
Authorised & Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (No 52316)

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Privacy Policy


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Areas of Expertise

As one of London’s top criminal solicitors, we deal with all types of criminal matters, including (but not restricted to):



Our entry in the prestigious
Chambers Law Directory
reads as follows:

Vast experience in all fields of criminal defence work (including murder, drugs offences, fraud and money laundering), as well as defending civil recovery claims and acting in extradition matters. Expert in securing bail for defendants in even the most serious cases. Specialises in privately funded cases for high-profile individuals and others who simply refuse to accept anything less than the very best 'Rolls Royce' service. Devotes personal and hands-on attention to each and every case. Likewise only instructs trial Counsel he has personally seen perform. Sought out frequently to give authoritative second opinions on ongoing cases and Appeals. Well respected for his sound judgment and realistic advice“.

We take great pride in providing a close personal service and ensuring that each client's case is presented in a clear and concise way.

We have never operated on a large scale "factory basis" … and never will. When dealing with us you will find you are treated as an individual and not merely as a name or number on a file. Our firm is definitely not a London criminal solicitor "conveyor belt".

Due to our vast experience in serious and complex cases, we pride ourselves in being able to see "the wood from the trees" thereby maximising each client's prospects of success.

As one of London’s top criminal solicitors established over 30 years ago, we have built up a formidable network of connections with specialist criminal barristers' chambers, and invariably instruct criminal counsel at the top of their profession, whether they be Queen's Counsel or Junior Counsel. We never instruct trial Counsel whom we have not personally seen appear in Court.

The whole emphasis of this firm is on proper preparation, a personal and sympathetic service, and instructing the best specialist Counsel.

Our aim is that clients dealing with us will find that they receive a down to earth approach, lacking pomposity, from a firm that prides itself in its professionalism and attention to detail.

As one of London’s top criminal solicitor firms, over the years we have always appeared in Chambers Law Directory as one of the top criminal solicitor firms in London, and Henry Milner himself is cited annually in the Chambers Directory as a “leader in the field”.

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If you or a loved one are charged with or face the prospect of criminal proceedings, and would like to discuss the case with one of London’s top criminal defence solicitors, please contact us.