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020 7831 9944

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Outside UK: +44 207 831 9944 or 020 3786 3521

In UK: 0207 831 9944  or  020 3786 3521

Henry Milner & Company (Established 1978)
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Privacy Policy

Night Time Emergency Solicitor

If you require a London-based night time emergency solicitor we operate a
24 hour emergency solicitor service for people who have been arrested and are being held in Police custody, and also for other urgent enquiries.

In such an emergency, please telephone us on the
office number,
0207 831 9944,
and you will be automatically diverted to a member of our firm

It is critical for an arrested person to receive prompt and competent legal advice at the police station from a top criminal defence solicitor both prior to and during interviews by police.


Our emergency night time solicitor will be able to help an arrested person weigh up the pros and cons of responding during police interview.


On the one hand, by not responding to police questioning, the arrested person may receive negative judicial comments at any subsequent trial, but on the other hand it can be important to maintain silence until the full scope of the prosecution's evidence is known.

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If you are in need of a London-based night time
emergency solicitor please
contact us at any time of
day or night by